Biblically Correct. Historically Correct. Not Politically Correct.

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Banner, Bumper Sticker, Meme,

T-Shirt and Licence Plate Clip Art

for Warriors in Gospel Armor.*


copy image freely to use as meme!

Islam Is Lame
Mohammed, Ideal Muslim T-Shirts look great in Black or White
on Color Choice

Artwork can be arranged Horizontally for
Bumper Stickers

God Bless America

Meme Series

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We Speak
                  English Here!
Chihuahuas Suck!
Regarding Immigration...
Regarding the Murder of the Innocent...
Convert or
Regarding the Lame Lie of Islam...
and the Perversion of Homosexuality...
                  are Bigots


Fly at your own risk!
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*With these messages,
body armor might also be prudent,
proving Islam is NOT a
"religion of peace."
                  from the "Moon" god <- Click this one for a meme-sized version
Click this one for 4x5 foot banner version -> Blessings from
                  the "Moon" god

License Plates

Licence Plate Designs
also usable as Bumper Stickers
Diplomatic Tag
                  Red Rainbow Trademark God

Diplomatic Tag
                  Blue Diplomatic
                  Tag White

                  Tag Green Diplomatic
                  Tag Black